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Since 2015  « New York Vibes » is a House Music Show broadcast on different radio stations and on live streaming.

.A selection of the finest in Soulfoul, Deep House, Jackin House, Real House Music… in an always positive energy with Jazz, Soul, Funk & Disco influences …

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Sebastian Creeps


Start Music 1980, play in clubs & radios since 1984

Originally from Nice (France), it was in 1980 that Sebastian Creeps discovered Deejaying while listening to the Kiss FM Radio Show by Tony Humphries and Larry Petterson. Influenced by Larry Levan, dj of the legendary Paradise Garage in New York, he has been passionate about Disco and House Music since their origins.

Producer and remixer on New York labels King Street Sounds, UNKWN Records (Victor Simonelli label), Karmic Power Records (Lenny Fontana label) and MOISS Records (Russia), his remix of the song by Blaze (Kevin Hedge) and Barbara Tucker (Diva of House Music), « Most Precious Love », released in January 2021 on King Street Sounds met with great success and finished 1st on the Traxsource Nu-Disco charts, 4th on Traxsource « Top 200 Nu-Disco of 2021 So Far… », 168th on Traxsource « Best Tracks of 2021 So Far… » and 10th  on Top 200 Nu-Disco Tracks of 2021. This track generates more than 160,000 streams on Spotify.

In 2021 Sebastian Creeps remixed « This is Chicago House », a track composed by Vince Lawrence, producer with the origins of House Music in Chicago and interpreted by Chuck Roberts who is none other than the very icon of the House genre with his essential « In the beginning there was Jack », the timeless anthem of House Music.

Sebastian Creeps arrives in force in 2022 with “Can You Feel It”, a vocal track with punchy piano that will instantly set the dance floor on fire. Saxophonist SebioJazz performs a fiery sax solo and the arrangement of this track sets it apart from the others, a classic and funky production style.

Beyond his House Music oriented productions, his musical culture leads him to work on projects in a Pop and Synthwave style in which we find both his Soul/Funk/Disco & Jazz influences as well as those more Rock of the musicians with whom he collaborates for a subtle mix of Culture… then “PAPERPLANE – Welcome to Wonderland” is born, an album of 10 tracks released on October 1, 2022 by Warner Chappell Production Music on their Elbroar label.

“Soul Opener” is another nickname under which Sebastian Creeps composes Soul & Funk sounding tracks, his titles appear in two compilations published by Cezame Music Production, Funk 70s & Funk 80s.

Sebastian Creeps performs in the most prestigious clubs on the Côte d’Azur, Monte-Carlo and internationally. He broadcasts his Live sets (New York Vibes) via social networks in the American House community as well as in a weekly radio show on Myhouseradio FM (New York), he is regularly programmed on New York City House Radio (New York), Radio Monaco (France), España Network (Spain), on international FM and Web radios.

Sebastian Creeps is known for his refined mixing technique and uncompromising music selection.

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